The Kia End of Lease Process

As your scheduled maturity date approaches, you want the peace of mind that comes with making an informed decision. That is why Weseloh Kia Carlsbad has made the lease-end process simple.

You have two basic options for dealing with the maturity of your current lease:

Purchase your vehicle

Purchasing the same vehicle that you have been leasing is a great idea. Weseloh Kia Carlsbad is devoted to making this process as simple for you as possible. For starters, the purchase price was pre-determined at lease signing and is set forth on the front of your lease agreement under the heading, “Purchase Option at End of Lease Term.” If you’re in the market for financing options, Weseloh Kia Carlsbad is here to assist you. Contact the dealership for details on how we can help you become the owner of your leased vehicle.

Purchase Kia - Lease End

Should you choose to keep your lease vehicle, you may purchase your vehicle at the established purchase price. You will not be responsible for any excess mileage charges, disposition fee, or excess wear and use if you decide to purchase your vehicle. Refer to your lease agreement for any purchase option fee that may be due. You are encouraged to contact Kia Motors Finance for specific purchase information between 15 and 30 days before your scheduled maturity date.

If you decide to purchase your current lease, an inspection is not necessary. Please contact Weseloh Kia Carlsbad with your intentions so that an inspection is not ordered on your vehicle.

Return Your Kia - Lease End

Return your vehicle

Perhaps you saw a new Kia model that caught your attention, or perhaps you simply want the updated model of the car you’re currently driving. Whatever the reason may be, driving away in a new leased or purchased Kia begins by scheduling the return of your current leased vehicle. The process is as simple as A-B-C:

A. Have your leased vehicle inspected.

Approximately 60 days before your scheduled maturity, a representative from Kia Motors Finance’s third-party vehicle inspection company will contact you to schedule a complimentary vehicle inspection. The inspection will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. At the completion of the inspection, you will receive a printout of the detailed inspection report for your records. This is NOT a bill. The report simply reflects the inspector’s estimated excess wear and use charges based upon the terms of your lease agreement so that you know what to expect after the vehicle is returned. For more details, contact Weseloh Kia Carlsbad.

B. Set up a return appointment with the originating Kia dealer.

To set up an appointment to return your vehicle, you should contact the originating Kia dealership 7 to 15 days before your scheduled maturity date. This will allow you and the dealer time to make a decision on a new lease or purchase. If for any reason the originating Kia dealership is not convenient, please call the Kia Lease End Services Team toll-free at (866) 331-5632 to assist you to Weseloh Kia Carlsbad.

C. Return your vehicle to Weseloh Kia Carlsbad.

On the day of your lease return, please take with you the following items:

  • Odometer Statement & Turn-In Receipt
  • Copy of pre-termination inspection report prepared by Kia Motors Finance’s third-party inspection company, along with receipts for repairs made to the vehicle.
  • All keys with remotes
  • Owner’s Manual

The dealership will provide you with copies of all the documents that you have signed. Once you have completed these simple steps, you must notify Kia Motors Finance that the vehicle has been returned and your lease turn-in is finished.