Testimonials - Our Customers Say It Best

  • Jim K.
    TRUSTWORTHY, SMART, UNDERSTANDING, GREAT VALUE, COMPASSIONATE! I'm no youngster, bought lots of cars. These aren't words I use loosely and definitely NOT in a paragraph bout a car dealer--- till now. Steve Uyeno is the real thing. Got a car there. Tiny bit of negotiating as expected. Everything super smooth. Service like luxury car brands. Steve converted me!!! You can't do better. Truly feel like I have a new friend.
  • Deborah F.
    I had to trade in my convertible bug for a family car and was hesitant to go through the used car purchasing process. My last experience was a nightmare and I didn't want lose a lot of money trading in a car I know I overplayed for. I stopped at Weseloh Kia because I saw a car I liked in their lot. I was immediately helped by Enzo who was friendly and extremely helpful. He let me test drive several cars, answered all my questions about his owned personal Kia vehicle and we connected on several levels. He's Italian too! I ended up purchasing a Kia Soul. Enzo worked with me and got me more than I expected for trade-in. The process took a while and as an expecting mom, I was starving and he even fed me!! He then passed me on to Shawn for financing and the process went extremely smoothly. This was my best car purchasing experience ever. I've only owned 4 used cars before purchasing my used Kia from Weseloh. And I would recommended this location to anyone looking for a good deal and fabulous service!!
  • Nice H.
    After getting just "okay" service at another dealership in car country, we drove past Weseloh Kia and decided "why not?". Brad greeted us and got the process of leasing a new Kia rolling right away. He made the process fairly easy all without a headache! Brad was such a pleasure to work with, he defiantly worked hard to make us happy. It was all around a great experience! I definitely hope Brad is there when it's time to get a new optima. Thanks Brad for everything, I couldn't be happier!!
  • Annabel R.
    When I started the process of looking for a car, of course like everyone else I jumped online to request info from different dealerships. I kept getting e-mails from internet sales managers asking if they can help. I got a bit overwhelmed because there were so many e-mails. For some reason when I got an e-mail from David Mendoza from Weseloh Carlsbad Kia, I decided to respond back. I think it was because his e-mail was short and sweet. I told him exactly what I was looking for. There was something about the way he respond back that made me feel he was there to help, not just make a sale. He was very personable.
    I loved his quick response to all my questions and I loved how he got down to the point. All I wanted to know was, "Do you have the car I want?" "How much will it be out the door?" "What's the lowest price you can go and can you go lower?" David Mendoza answered all those questions and made me a damn good deal. Best out the door price of all the dealership's in San Diego. My own cousin who is the manager of a dealership in San Diego couldn't even give me a deal like what I got with David.
    All the other dealerships I went to made me wait up to 4 hours sitting around filling out unnecessary paperwork. Salesman having to go ask other salesman for help, only to find out they didn't even have the car in stock. They would say we have other models similar or a color close to. At Weseloh Carlsbad their inventory was huuge. The route they took me to test drive was nice because there was a lot of turns and hills to really test out the V6 engine. I just wanted to really thank David Mendoza for helping me. I know I am a fireball and I don't settle for less than what I want. He was very patient and helpful. At the end of the deal I ended up calling him Santa because I felt Christmas came early!
    Thank you David and Thank you Weseloh Carlsbad! It took me over an hour to drive up there from South Bay San Diego, but it was all worth it at the end. I loved the entire Vibe from this dealership. I did not feel I was in a shark tank. I really felt I was at home making a deal with family! I would recommend this place to all my friends and family!
  • Michael B.
    Bought a New Sportage SX from their internet sales department. The sales person I worked with is named Miles and he did an amazing job. No other dealership could get me the car I wanted, in the color I wanted at the right price. Miles made it happen in 3 days. I was in and out of the dealership in under an hour with the exact vehicle I chose. Fantastic service and follow through. While all the other dealerships were trying to push the inventory they had on hand, Weseloh and Miles went above and beyond to get me the right car. Don't waste your time with the other pushy dealerships. Miles in internet sales at Weseloh is the best in the biz.
  • Frank R.
    If I could give Weseloh Kia six stars I would! I started out looking for a 2016 Kia Soul for my daughter based on ratings on Yelp, Google,Cars.com and True Car this lead me to Weseloh Kia Carlsbad. After completing what I was looking for on True Car, Kevin Weseloh the Internet Manager from Weseloh Carlsbad Kia sent me an email offering his assistance. I called Kevin and described what I was looking for and I explained an experience I had with another Kia dealership that was not a good one. He was professional from the beginning to the end, he asked me to fill out a credit application on line and he would call me back and confirm our deal. And just like he said he called back and confirmed our deal, I confirmed with him nothing would change because we were about to drive 46 miles in traffic and another 46 miles home. So we loaded up and started down, on the way I was worried because of past experiences that something would change like "oh tinted windows, rims, or the secret special coating on the car that some dealerships like to hide until you get to finance". Once we arrived we were greeted by Kevin and he is just as professional in person as he is on the phone. We signed a few documents got a look at the car and it was better than what we wanted for the same price. We were in finance and out just as fast and believe it or not no surprises, I wish I could remember the finance managers name he was just as great as Kevin. Overall its nice to deal with a family business who actually cares what the customer thinks about them. They have earned my business for as long as they are in the business.
  • Caitlin D.
    I love my Kia Soul but one day my passenger side window would not roll up no matter what I tried. I took my car to the service office and Ryan was incredibly helpful! The employees at Weseloh Kia are so friendly. I appreciate this attitude when something unfortunate happens with my car. Thank you!
  • Meg R.
    Grateful for the amazing service I had when purchasing my vehicle today at Weseloh Kia Carlsbad from Bob Delia. He was helpful, kept my budget in mind, & was knowledgeable about the vehicle & its competitive pricing. Such a fun and engaging experience being walked around the lot selections prior to finding me vehicle. Along each step of the process, Bob walked us through with great personal assistance. From beginning to end this was the most satisfying car buying experience I have had to date. The purchase, financing and extended warranty paper work process was the quickest and easiest I have experienced. They helped fulfill my car and budget needs with friendly staffing and seamless processes. So glad I was able to work with Bob today to find the car I needed so quickly and hassle free.
  • Pete
    I strongly recommend that place if you want to go Kia. I started from Kearny Person Kia, went trough very humiliating experience at Kia El Cajon (I will never again even park close to that place) and ended up here (40min drive away from my home and it was worth). I was impressed by level of the service. Alex Gonzalez took care of me from start to the end. We went trough whole process and ended up negotiating the final price. Yes, it sounds like everywhere, however not everywhere is normal. I don't really like to bargain, and try to save $20 here, and $50 there, especially when you buying car for about $50k however after all I saved big and they were very reasonable. It was a nice experience.
  • Ali C.
    We just moved to San Diego in need of a reliable family vehicle that fits our budget as we don't have the best credit and from the moment we stepped onto the lot at Weseloh Kia Carlsbad EVERYONE made my wife and I feel like family and that they genuinely wamted to help us! Randy Brock was our helping hand and really looked out for our best interests. He was amazing and he got us into an awesome 2015 KIA Soul and we love it! This is the best experience of buying a car we've ever had and would recommend Weseloh Kia Carlsbad to anyone looking to have an unforgettable and friendly experience of buying a new or previously owned car! Thank you Randy and thank you Weseloh Kia Carlsbad!
  • Angie C.
    This is my 3rd time buying a car and I truly hate dealing with car salesman, but Carlos Arias at this dealership was amazing! It was such a pleasure working with him. I first contacted him by email and drove all the way from Long Beach to Carlsbad to check out the deals. I brought my 3 family members and Carlos made us feel comfortable and really helped me find the right car for me and the right price for me. I highly recommend this dealership! Thank you Carlos for all your help!
  • Ann N.
    By far the best experience I have ever had buying a vehicle (and I have bought quite a few!). The first salesperson who helped us was Oscar. He recognized that we were serious car buyers, and treated us as such. Absolutely professional and no-nonsense, yet kind. An amazing combination in a salesperson. The next salesperson who helped us was Kevin, who was also wonderful and top-notch. Even the finance guy is sweet, knowledgable, and down-to-earth. We got an absolutely awesome deal AND felt comfortable and positive the whole time. We would not hesitate to go back to this dealership in the future.
  • Jessica G.
    We just bought our second Kia from Weseloh. A very pleasant experience! I forget our sales persons name--he was a former military gentleman. Not pushy or high pressure at all. My husband is the total shop around type of guy, and we were very happy with the deal we got on our van. They also had some good Kia rebates going on, so that was also cool. We worked with Kyle on the paperwork part, and he was nice and very efficient. I am so relieved it was a smooth, not stressful process. Definitely recommend!
  • Steve M.
    Just completed a lemon law deal with Ford but needed to have a new car lined up. Weseloh Kia made everything smooth and no pressure tactics. Trade in was fair and the experience was better than expected. Ended up buy one car out right and financing a second because the deals were just too good to pass up. Bought an Optima and a Sorento. Both are excellent vehicles. Ask for Kevin Weseloh. He was friendly and patient. Sales manager Mike was also extremely helpful. Bottomline, it is the only KIA dealer for me and I live 32 miles away and I have a local dealer 5 miles away.
  • Robin W.
    I've purchased many vehicles from Weseloh Kia Carlsbad and their service department and sales department are terrific. I would recommend them to my friends and family. Ask for Oscar Gomez he's the best.
  • Rog1031

    After doing research and getting a few offers from dealers as well as considering Carmax, I decided Weseloh Kia is where I can get the best deal for the car I want. Other places were offering me basically the same vehicle for a few more hundred dollars. To emphasize my point, I drove 30 miles to meet David Mendoza because after just a few exchanges with him I knew that he could get me into the Kia Sportage that I deserved for the right price! Sure enough, it was a real pleasure giving these guys my business.
    David invited me to look at a few different models and never deviated from our mutual understanding of what I was looking for and the price range I was looking at. They were also kind enough to leverage the value of my trade-in well enough for me to have the necessary purchase power I needed. When it came time to finalize numbers everything was crystal clear. No hidden charges, transparency, excellent rates.
    It wasn't easy for me to find the right place so that's why I'm sharing it here. Save yourself some time and money and ask for David Mendoza at Weseloh Kia. Good people. Thanks guys!

  • Faith F

    After doing months of research and going back and forth with different salesman, and dealerships I came upon Kia Weseloh in Carlsbad. Through the Internet I met David Mendoza. He sent me a quote right off the bat and anything I asked of him he always gave me up front information. Unlike other dealers and salesmen who always skate around the answer. I very much appreciated that about David and came to Kia specifically because of this. I knew what I was getting myself into from the beginning and there was never any haggle or hassle. David made everything seamless and when I thought about possibly walking out he countered and lowered the car price to what I wanted. He was very friendly and personable!! Would definately recommend anyone interested in purchasing a new car to contact David!!

  • Raymond & Kelly

    The experience of a lifetime. Kevin Weseloh with Internet sales. Was awesome. I called said what I would like. Less than 10 minutes we were driving an hour and a half to sign papers. A week later. I love my Kia. Thanks Kevin, for your honesty and integrity. I will always recommend Weseloh Kia of Carlsbad

  • Crispy2

    Carlos Arias, one of the Internet Managers at Weseloh helped me purchase a 2015 Kia Optima. He was really fantastic. I came in a month prior to my actual purchase to look around and do a test drive. He stuck with me throughout the whole next month with all my email questions and research. I never felt pressured once. He just answered my questions and patiently waited for me to be ready to buy. I came back to purchase from him for this very reason. I got many calls and emails from other dealerships which made me not want to work with any of them! I ended up upgrading to an even better package because I felt that Carlos was being straight with me. He honored the price he gave me and even emailed me all the costs broken down before I made the purchase. I would recommend him to anyone I know because I never felt like he was trying to take advantage. He was just honest with me all along. He's a genuinely good guy and I really appreciate his help.

  • R Miller

    I just picked up my wife's Kia Forte up after they repaired it after a severe accident. I couldn't be happier with the attentive service and quality of the repairs. David Schiel was very helpful throughout the insurance and repair process. I would definitely recommend this dealership. I have also had maintenance work performed in the past and received the same great service.

  • Jennifer Dove

    Like many consumers, I was anxious about even setting foot in yet another high pressure aggressive car dealership for an aggravating purchasing experience. However, this was not the case at Weseloh Kia in Carlsbad. I was unsure of the car I wanted and had many questions and instead of a salesman rushing me, attempting to shove me into any car to close the deal and make a sale I had a pleasant experience. Brad Ranson, a relatively new salesman, not only to Kia, but to the industry was nothing less than exceptional. Although, I didn't purchase a car that day, I will definitely be back to purchase from him and Weseloh Kia. He was polite, friendly, knowledgeable, patient and he made the whole experience positive. Be assured that I will spread the word about this dealership and it's exceptional staff. Thank you for understanding that the client and human experience is still important!

  • Deb23

    I love Weseloh Kia Carlsbad, I bought my Kia Soul 2 yrs ago and then went back and traded it in for a New 2016 Sportage which i love. They are very friendly helpful and most of all not pushy. I would highly recommend them. Ask for Greg Phillps he is great.

  • Melinda De Palma

    What a fun awesome experience! Bob Delia and John Littlefield were amazing. In short I walked on the lot without an appointment thinking I was going to get attacked by wild animals ... instead this no pressure fun man named Bob took great care of me. I explained what I was looking for & my price range. He took me to the exact car I was looking for (actually better as I thought I was going to buy a used car and he had a new one within budget). He was awesome through the entire process. Even the finance man, John Littlefield was a blast to sign paperwork with and answered all my questions so I understood each line. These two were so pleasant and funny as we cracked jokes making the experience entertaining and educational. I drove off the lot feeling completely satisfied with my purchase plus the extra attention after the purchase with Bob explaining the feature set, pairing my devices and making a short video etc. made me feel complete! Go see Bob and John for a good time to get into your perfect car! ;)

  • Philip H

    Great experience overall! My wife and I are just starting to look into new cars (information gathering stage). The 2 sales guys we worked with were very informative and courteous. They didn't overload us with their sales pitch, and they asked good questions to help us make an informed decision. All in all, we will be back soon.. these guys are great!

  • Geoff P

    Excellent sales experience at Weseloh KIA Carlsbad!  I was in the market for a new car to lease so I stopped into Weseloh KIA Carlsbad on a whim. I'd never driven a KIA, but recently I've seen the new Optima on the road, and I thought - "Wow, sharp looking car, that's a KIA?!"  The sales guy, Oscar, couldn't have been more helpful.  He was friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Once I drove the car and saw all the extra features, and compared it to what I was being offered from Toyota on a new Camry, I totally fell for this car. So, I gave Oscar some target numbers that I wanted him to hit for a lease.  He said he'd call me the next day.  And he did, giving me numbers that worked exactly as I'd asked, including giving me significant cash incentives, a good deal on my trade in, an almost zero money factor, and a decent residual/payoff. Toyota was not even coming close with their offers.  I'd even gone to another KIA dealer closer to our home and they were not willing to work within our numbers the way Weseloh did.

  • Lindsey P

    I've used Yelp for some time now, reviewing businesses and seeing other people's feedback... But i've yet to have an experience which has inspired to me actually create an account and leave my own personal feedback... That is until I worked with Weseloh Kia of Carlsbad! As i'm sure most of you know, buying a new car can be an exhausting and disappointing experience... But to my delight (and surprise) my experience with Weseloh Kia of Carlsbad was beyond satisfactory!

  • Alan Kielbiowski

    Great service department. Scott Maher ensured my oil change went smooth and quickly. The techs performed a quick full inspection and returned my truck washed and ready to go in less than 20 minutes. Much better than any quick lube establishment.

  • Jill Ringer

    Fernando Ramos was awesome, he didn't put any pressure to purchase right away. We went back three times and finally purchased a Kia Sorento from Fernando Ramos. I LOVE my Sorento. Thank you Fernando Ramos for making my purchase of a Kia quick, easy, and hassle free!

  • Melissa B

    I just bought my new Kia Optima at Weseloh Kia Carlsbad and had a great experience!!!! I was so impressed!!!!  I'm a fist time buyer.....so as you can imagine, I was a little nervous to get out there and have to shop around for cars. After dealing with some "pushy" salesmen at other dealerships, I was so relieved when I met Elise at Weseloh Kia.  She was so helpful, patient and not pushy. She was able to answer all my questions and seemed to be genuinely interested in helping me make the best decision for me. I ended up loving the whole staff and am so happy with my new Kia! I definitely recommend going to a Weseloh dealership to buy a car! They're awesome!

  • Andrey Bernov

    The best auto shopping experience I've had so far. Carlos Arias is awesome. He was very polite, patient, and knowledgable. Carlos guided us through the whole process of buying a brand new Kia Sorento. Explained all safety features, technical specifications, showed us how to operate the bluetooth function and even synced our phones to the vehicle. And throughout this whole process there was absolutely no pressure to make the purchase. Carlos was just happy to help and answer all of the questions my wife and I had. Needless to say, my wife bought her very first Kia and loves it. Carlos, Thank you for making this an awesome experience. I recommend Weseloh Kia in Carlsbad, and when you are there - ask for Carlos Arias.

  • Chelsey S

    Love my new 2013 Kia Soul!!!! Awesome, clean dealership.... Had an awesome car salesman (Fernando) we actual discussed the deal over the phone and he came a picked me up and didn't try to pressure me into something else when I got there!!! Great day so glad I got my car from Weseloh!!!!!